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Dubious Encounters - Page 8 by MidoriNoHonoo Dubious Encounters - Page 8 by MidoriNoHonoo
Star Wars: Dubious Encounters - A Jaeriel Story.
Written by Vizu drawn by MidoriNoHonoo

The mission seemed simple enough, break into an ISB Branch and steal a data-tape, the difficult part is the get-away, there's an entire garrison of Stormtroopers between Jaeriel and her extraction, complicated further by a series of Dubious Encounters with an all-too-friendly stranger, is this interloper simply an enthusiastic local, or an Imperial Spy, and will Jaeriel be able to reach her extraction in time...?

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Having acquired a cloak to cover up her charred armour Jaeriel cannot help but feel ripped off, a small price to pay considering the significance of her mission, furthermore it appears her communicator was struck by shrapnel, leaving her with no choice but to proceed to her extraction on her own...

In today's edition of Learn Mando'a we have a double! Chakaar which is a general term of abuse that can mean anything from corpse robber, to thief, to petty criminal. Next is Haar'chak, which basically translates to "Damn it!" Heheh, things certainly could be going better for Jaeriel, but it could be going much worse too, her objective is simple, reach the extraction point, however with the Empire on full alert that's easier said than done...

 Anyway as ever, I hope ya'll enjoy, and feedback is always appreciated! This work is also a collaborative effort between myself and Vizu, as such if you enjoy this story please share your praise with her! La la la la

Star Wars (c) Disney

Jaeriel Nokta (c) rayn44 & SlingBlade87 
SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017
*chuckle* leave it to the daughter of a weapon and armor smith to complain about the quality of her attire hehe.

I really wonder what is going to happen next. Jaeriel seems to have gotten pretty lucky so far but I cannot imagine that will stay the case forever. Now that she's ccut off from Quinn and Orchid she's going to have to think on her toes.
MidoriNoHonoo Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Student General Artist
Heheh, well she payed good money, and didn't even get sleeves, can you blame her? XD

Indeed so, a shoddy cloak and a busted communicator are small prices to pay considering the cost of failure... :O
JoeBlue Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017
XD nice Midori. Jae's got her work cut out for her
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