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Dubious Encounters - Page 7 by MidoriNoHonoo Dubious Encounters - Page 7 by MidoriNoHonoo
Star Wars: Dubious Encounters - A Jaeriel Story.
Written by Vizu drawn by MidoriNoHonoo

The mission seemed simple enough, break into an ISB Branch and steal a data-tape, the difficult part is the get-away, there's an entire garrison of Stormtroopers between Jaeriel and her extraction, complicated further by a series of Dubious Encounters with an all-too-friendly stranger, is this interloper simply an enthusiastic local, or an Imperial Spy, and will Jaeriel be able to reach her extraction in time...?

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After the explosion rocked the city Jaeriel makes her way through the maze of alleyways, overhearing chatter from the locals leaves her with mixed feelings, on the one hand she can't help but feel a slight sting at the distress her mission has had on the locals, but on the other she's relieved that their cover-story is accurate, she fit the role perfectly, though now maybe too perfectly, with her armor charred she looks more than a little suspicious... 

New Item Unlocked! Disguise: Old Tarp-- I mean Cloak!  But will it be enough to hide her from prying eyes...? 

Only one page today, sorry, I'm gonna try to get on top of them asap. Anyway as ever, I hope ya'll enjoy, and feedback is always appreciated! This work is also a collaborative effort between myself and Vizu, as such if you enjoy this story please share your praise with her! La la la la

Star Wars (c) Disney

Jaeriel Nokta (c) rayn44 & SlingBlade87 
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SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017
This is quite wonderful, I always love how much effort you put into populating your worlds when you tell a story or even in just single image pieces.

I also really like how you capture the opinions of the population about the whole situation. Sure, the Empire isn't good to them but it certainly isn't their desire to have their homes turned into combat zones either!
MidoriNoHonoo Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Student General Artist
Heheheh, you know me, I love adding little details, and stories in the background, little things here and there are what really make the world seem more believable. :meow:

Yeah, back during the Original Trilogy everything was pretty black and white, and whilst I am total Rebel Scum, I do think there are some nuances to the conflict, and I think that's why I really liked Rogue One, particularly how they handled Saw and how his extremism caused the population to fear him just as much as the Empire... It's an interesting perspective, and like, clearly this comic is post-Alderaan, these people have at least heard rumors about the Death Star, and have lived under the Empire long enough to know how cruel it can be, but on the other hand it's a Rebel Militia bomb that just went off in their city... And I wonder what Jaeriel's feelings are overhearing their conversation, knowing that there is truth to those words; that whilst clearly she is fighting for the greater good there are innocent people who are scared, does she feel sad, or guilty, or angry, or more determined, or numb...? I left it ambiguous, she just sighs and pushes it to the back of her mind, for now focusing on the mission at hand, I'm curious what you think about it.
SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017
yeah, and you do it so wonderfully too.

Hmm, I do like a more nuanced Star Wars honestly and it really sounds like you and I read from the same source material!

As for how Jaeriel feels, I think she tells herself that ultimately what she is doing is for the best, even if people like this might not realize it.
Vizu Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017
I love ) the pastel colours for the girls in the first panel :)
MidoriNoHonoo Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017  Student General Artist
Glad to hear, I do recall you saying you wanted colour for the locals. ^_^

The setup is now done, and your story starts now, speaking of which I need to ask you for some references in the hangout. :meow:
Yersinia88 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Stunning work
JoeBlue Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017
...and thus people mistook her for the Master Chief during E3 of the Halo 5 teaser :P
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