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Star Wars spaceships! What're your favourites? 

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Michael Stevens
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
Hi there folks', I'm Mike, but most folks know me as Midori, call me whatever!

About me:

I'm just yer' regular guy... Pfft--- Couldn't type that with a straight face...

First things first I'm nearly blind, I'm completely blind in my right eye and have heavily impaired vision in my left, thankfully my sexy glasses are a big help!
I'm also Dyspraxic, so have terrible co-ordination, both these things make drawing difficult, but it's not gonna stop me trying, I may not be the best artist, but I enjoy giving it my all. ^_^

I'm quite shy also, but I'm always hopeful to make new friends, so if you want to spark up a conversation, or just simply comment on my artwork, please, feel free, I love the chance to interact with people, and will try my very best to respond as soon as possible! I also greatly appreciate all feedback on my artwork!

Anyhow, why am I here?
I once got told that I'd never be able to draw because of my eyes, so I said, Hey, you want a bet? And that's what brought me here to DeviantArt, my home at (and occasionally away from) home! I wish I actually put MONEY down on that bet... ^^;

What do I like?

First things first, I LOVE STAR WARS. :stare:
Like, an absurd amount, as such I've created my own OCs, and an AU that run's parallel to the old canon/Expanded Universe, most of my artwork currently will be dedicated to that story and it's characters, I hope very much that you'll enjoy it! My AU also crosses over with other folk's AUs, and I'm a proud member of the group: A-Galaxy-of-Our-Own , my artwork/AU can be found in the "Memoirs" folder! :heart:

Please check it out, all of it's contributors are excellent artists, and great folks too!

By the way, if you couldn't tell, I love Manga and Anime, Especially cute Yuri fluff! :heart:
I love tons of different music, from J-pop to Rock to Heavy Metal, and I worship Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters almost religiously...
I also LOVE stand-up comedy, especially British stand-up, my favourite comedians are Dara O'Briain, and John Bishop.
I have MAAAAANY FANDOMS. Anime/manga wise, there are far too many to list...
None anime/manga, my main fandoms are generally mostly Sci-fi. XD

My artistic goals?
My long term goal is to publish some Manga comics, and maybe eventually self-publish! Hopefully in a few years time I'll be good enough! ^w^

I'd love to create some Yuri-themed comics in particular.

I'd also love to create some Star Wars fan-comics (mostly focusing on fan-characters), and enjoy collaborating with friends on our AUs! ^_^

Other useless info.
I occasionally do crazy stuff to raise money for charity, mainly Marie Curie Cancer Care
Here is a video of me skydiving to raise money for them:…

I have a Glasses Fetish that borders on the unhealthy...

My anime Hero is Vash the Stampede from Trigun.

Also, I'm actually a smuggler from Corellia, so, like... Don''t ever tell me the odds, we Corellians hate that.

I guess that's really it...? Anyway, thank you for visiting my page, I really appreciate it, feel free to say hi and leave feedback, really, don't be shy!

Peace and Love!

Icon by the amazing maybelletea, her artwork is fantastic, check it out! :heart:
Webcam image was part of a Commission, it was drawn by the wonderful ram-jam, go show this awesome guy some love! :heart:
Hey folks! How're ya'll doing? I'm doing okay, but I AM currently eating a cookie dough "Pizza", so it's hard not to feel good... XD I mean, look at this tasty bastard!
Image by MidoriNoHonoo

Popcorn, Malteasers, Crunchie honeycomb, brownies, mini marshmallows, etc, all on a cookie-dough base... I found heaven and it is edible! :heart:
A-anyhow Journal time! 
I've updated my profile somewhat, bits and pieces here and there, and a new profile picture, as my hair is getting pretty long. (I want to dye it some silly colours, something bright, like Sabine's armor in Rebels, pink and orange, I dig them colours. XD)
Now, for Star Wars OC news, I'm currently at a crossroads with something regarding Orchid... I'm on the fence as to what colour her Lightsaber blade should be, I was originally gonna have it be bright blue, but now I'm actually leaning towards bright purple, I think purple suits her really well, as her eyes are red and her skin is blue, and red + blue = purple. I think the colour also suits her personality better than straight up blue, y'know? Also the exact name of the shade of purple I'm thinking of using is "Orchid"... XD Sooo... Yeah, I think she'll have a purple blade... I also have yet to design the hilt, I'm thinking it'll likely be a minimalist design, simple like Quinn's, y'know?

Here's a little teaser at something I'm working on, featuring Orchid ready to be a hero! :meow:

Image by MidoriNoHonoo

She won't be alone however, my main gal Quinn, as well as regular companion Jaeriel (belonging to SlingBlade87  and rayn44, hope you'll both like what I have planned! ;w; ) will show up in epic fashion! :D
I plan to put their abilities to the test... ;P

By the way, the next page of Meeting Destiny will be up really soon, sorry for the delay, I need to re-scan it for some reason... ^^;

Since we're mentioning other fellow Deviants I'd like to take this time to promote a book written by a good friend, speedracerdude511.

The story is called "Inque", and it is dedicated by it's author, Joshua Erskine, to it's co-author, Taye Nakamura-Koyama, who tragically took her own life... Inque was a creation formed of both their ideas, and is a beautiful way to both pay tribute to, and keep a friend's memory alive. 
(I hope you don't mind me showing you or your friend's names here, I just really want to help promote this.)
Image by MidoriNoHonoo

"Claire is a writer in a world that is plagued with disease and ignorance. On the day a small black book enters her life everything as she knows it changes. She is thrust into an incredible world of magic and fantasy and becomes the one person who can save its inhabitants. She must ally with a King and his entourage if she ever hopes to save the world and get back to her family in one piece."

I bought a physical copy from Amazon, and it arrived today, I've read the first chapter and so far it's really good, I'm very much looking forward to reading more, and I ask anyone able to also show support for it to please give it a look, it's also available in an ebook format, for those who like ebooks.…

It should also be said that 10% of all funds generated by Inque's sales go to an organization dedicated to suicide prevention, not only is it a tribute to a friend, ensuring their creativity is remembered, but it also supports a great cause, even if you can't spare the money to pick up a copy please spread the word. ^_^


Last but not least, I promised a Q&A when I reached 30'000 page views, I'm now at 32'700+... My bad... ^^;

So yeah, I'm open to questions by everyone and anyone, since this milestone is based on the amount of pageviews and not watchers this will be open to everyone, watchers and none-watchers alike, so if you have any questions for me feel free to post them in the comments below, I'm going to limit them to... three questions per person (per Q&A, if you asked questions in the previous Q&A feel free to ask more here!), and I'll leave it open until I think I've got enough... So who knows, it might be open for a little while, or it might be open for no time at all, depending on how many questions I get. Like last time I intend to answer them all via video vlog format! For those interested in the previous Q&A you can check out that beautiful disaster here: Midori's disaster-rrific 'Q and or A' Vlog! 

Questions can be about anything really, my art, my characters and stories, my fandoms, even my life, just as long as they're not too personal... Y'know, like:


Anyhow, this has been another long journal, and if you read it all then you're a trooper, and I thank you. :salute:

May the Force be with ya'll! :heart:
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MeMe Created by: StardustDragon258

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1. You do not have to tag anyone unless you want to.
2. If you are tagged you only have to do this if you want to.
3. Please leave StardustDragon258 in the "MeMe created by" slot... I want to see how many people use this Meme
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5. Have both your characters and you answer the questions!

My Star Wars OCs Quinn Shara, and her adopted Chiss daughter Orchid Shara!
Returning home. by MidoriNoHonoo  May the 4th be with you. by MidoriNoHonoo

Quinn: Quinn Pixel Emote - Blink (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo

Orchid: Orchid Pixel Emote - Blink by MidoriNoHonoo

1. Introduce Yourselves
Quinn Pixel Emote - Grin (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "Huh? Hey there. The names Quinn."
Orchid Pixel Emote - Shock by MidoriNoHonoo"Ah, h-hi... I'm Orchid..."

Me: Hello! I'm Midori, or Mike, or whatever! ^w^

2. What is your favorite food?
Quinn Pixel Emote - Blink by MidoriNoHonoo "Can't say I'm too picky, anything but the dirt cheap rations really..."
Orchid Pixel Emote - Shock by MidoriNoHonoo "They taste real bad! I like it when Mom brings me sweets, they're great!"
Quinn Pixel Emote - pouting (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "Don't forget to brush your teeth after them though..."

Me: The Barbecue Ribs from the American-style diner a couple of miles away... They are gorgeous... *drool*  

3. What is your favorite drink?
Quinn Pixel Emote - Wink (Scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "I quite like some wine occasionally, we captured an Imperial Shuttle a lil' while back, and they had some quality vintages on board, I swear that stuff must have been going to a Moff or something, it was so damn good!"  
Orchid Pixel Emote - Shock by MidoriNoHonoo "I wanted a taste..." 
Quinn Pixel Emote - pouting (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "Yeah, not gonna happen kiddo, ask me again in a couple of years."
Orchid Pixel Emote - Shock by MidoriNoHonoo "Aww... Then juice..."

Me: I quite like Cider, though I get hungover way too easily... ^^;

3(.5?). Do you have a favorite book?
Quinn Pixel Emote - Wink (Scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "Oh man, there are too many... though those that interest me the most are books containing stories about Jedi, they're hard to find though, as the Empire outlawed em', but sometimes you get lucky, heh, it ain't like they can burn EVERY book in the galaxy!"
Orchid Pixel Emote - Blink by MidoriNoHonoo "I can't read yet... B-but Moms teaching me, I'm getting good, I know the whole Aurebesh almost!"
Quinn Pixel Emote - Wink (Scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "Heheh, almost Cornflower, I'm proud of ya'!" 

Me: I honestly don't read many books, I read a lot of manga and comic, though I'm not sure if the count, Novels wise I'm waiting on the re-release of the Thrawn Trilogy under the Legends banner... It WILL be re-released... r-right...? ;w:

4. Are you single or taken?
Quinn Pixel Emote - Grin (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "I'm not really interested in romance or sex, I don't really have the time." 
Orchid Pixel Emote - Blink by MidoriNoHonoo "I don't really know what you mean... I got 'taken in' by Mom so I didn't have to live on my own anymore..."
Quinn Pixel Emote - pouting (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "Eheh, That's... Not what that means Cornflower..."

Me: Forever alone... ;_;

5. What is your favorite thing or person?
Quinn Pixel Emote - pouting (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "Favourite thing...? Hmmm... That would have to someone close..."
Orchid Pixel Emote - Blink by MidoriNoHonoo "..."
Quinn Pixel Emote - pouting (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "Hmmm..."
Orchid Pixel Emote - Blink by MidoriNoHonoo "Uh..."
Quinn Pixel Emote - pouting (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "... I feel like it's staring me in the face..."
Orchid Pixel Emote - Blush by MidoriNoHonoo "... M-my favourite thing is you Mom... And Jae too..."
Quinn Pixel Emote - Grin (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "And mine is you sweetie."

Me: All my friends! :heart:

6. What is your least favorite thing or person?
Quinn Pixel Emote - pouting (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "I hate the Empire..."
Orchid Pixel Emote - Shock by MidoriNoHonoo "They're really scary..."

Me: Discrimination, of any form, there's nothing I despise more than prejudice.  

7. Do you have a favorite animal?
Quinn Pixel Emote - Blink (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "Can't really say I'm an animal person..."
Orchid Pixel Emote - Shock by MidoriNoHonoo "Wha--!? But what about 'Jelico'?"
Quinn Pixel Emote - Wink (Scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "Heheheh, I remember when Jaeriel first showed him off, YOU were scared stiff!"
Orchid Pixel Emote - Shock by MidoriNoHonoo "W-was not!!"   
((For context here's a short story by SlingBlade87… ))

Me: Corgi dogs!!! I want a Welsh Corgi and I will name him Ein, and I'll dress like Spike Spiegel, and I'll be the snazziest dog-walker at the park!  

8. Do you have a favorite game?
Quinn Pixel Emote - Blink (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "I actually learned the basics of Starfighter flight from some bootleg simulators..."
Orchid Pixel Emote - Blush by MidoriNoHonoo "I like those too! I like to pretend I'm Mom, like I'm flying her ship!"
Quinn Pixel Emote - Wink (Scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "Yeah... THAT ain't gonna happen until you learn how to LAND in a simulator..."

Me: I'm a Monster Hunter addict... Though lately I've been enjoying Bloodborne, 'Souls' games are so good...

9. What do you consider your greatest skill?
Quinn Pixel Emote - Grin (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "My power over the Force, naturally!"
Orchid Pixel Emote - Shock by MidoriNoHonoo "I-- I don't really have any skills..."
Quinn Pixel Emote - Grin (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "Oh shush, that's definitely not true, you make everyone smile wherever you go, THAT'S a skill I'M jealous of!" 

Me: I'd say drawing, but eh, I don't consider myself to be 'great', dyspraxia and blindness make it kinda' hard... ^^; But I enjoy it at least. ^_^

10. Ignore number 10!
Quinn Pixel Emote - pouting (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "S-sure..."
Orchid Pixel Emote - Blink by MidoriNoHonoo "..."

11. Say something to someone else in the Meme!
Quinn Pixel Emote - pouting (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "Psst-- That last question wasn't a question... What gives?" 
Orchid Pixel Emote - Shock by MidoriNoHonoo "I dunno... It was weird..."

Me: You two thought that too, huh?

12. Where is your favorite place to go?
Quinn Pixel Emote - Grin (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "Honestly? Though it may seem mundane, I really like sitting at my desk, writing especially, it's immensely soothing..."
Orchid Pixel Emote - Blink by MidoriNoHonoo "I like cuddling with Mom."
Quinn Pixel Emote - pouting (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "I- I'm a 'place' now...?

Me: ...Shopping in Liverpool... It's a rare occasion... Or Blackpool, man I love Blackpool!

13. Do you have friends?
Quinn Pixel Emote - Grin (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "I've got lots, I cherish them all."
Orchid Pixel Emote - Blush by MidoriNoHonoo "Same. Especially Jae!"

Me: I have lots here on DA, I really feel lucky! ^_^

14. *glares*
Quinn Pixel Emote - pouting (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "Y-ya' wanna put up your dukes, pal?"
Orchid Pixel Emote - Shock by MidoriNoHonoo "Mom! I'm scared!"


Quinn Pixel Emote - pouting (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "...No."
Orchid Pixel Emote - Shock by MidoriNoHonoo "... Is... Is it dinner time yet...?" 

Me: Please place your obscure pop-culture reference here.

16. Your obsession?
Quinn Pixel Emote - pouting (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "Can't say I have one...?"
Orchid Pixel Emote - Shock by MidoriNoHonoo "What's an 'Abs Session'? It sounds like exercise..."


17. What kind of question is number 17?
Quinn Pixel Emote - pouting (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "I guess at the very least it's a question, unlike 10, 11, 14, and 15... that's... A positive maybe?" 
Orchid Pixel Emote - Shock by MidoriNoHonoo "But seventeen is a number, not a question! I'm confused..."

Me: The second most confusing question yet?

18. Free chat!
Quinn Pixel Emote - pouting (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "Orchid sweetie, this is why you don't talk to strangers..."
Orchid Pixel Emote - Shock by MidoriNoHonoo "They sure asked some weird questions, huh..."

Me: I know right?

19. Characters, Do you want to hurt your owner for making you do this? Owner, What do you think of your characters response?
Quinn Pixel Emote - pouting (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "... He's lucky I'm a Jedi, not just for these questions though, they're just the icing on the cake..."
Orchid Pixel Emote - Shock by MidoriNoHonoo "I- I don't wanna hurt anyone!"

Me: ... Immensely relieved. :stare: 

20. Characters what do you think of your owner? Owner, what do you think of your characters?
Quinn Pixel Emote - pouting (scar) by MidoriNoHonoo "I wanna kick his hide halfway to Corellia for all the crap he puts us through! Honestly! My folks are dead, Izzy lost her planet- though that's technically not his fault, no it is, she didn't have to be Alderaanian! He set that psycho Kiri on us, and DON'T even get me started on Galgriev, that lunatic! Again, LUCKY I'M A JEDI!"
Orchid Pixel Emote - Shock by MidoriNoHonoo "... Th- thank you... For giving me a Mom, I know we go through a lot, and I know it's your fault... But at least I have Quinn... So... Thank you..." ((I'm just awful... :stare: )) 

Me: I honestly love these two like they're my children, thanks to them I've learned so much about developing characters and stories, but even more importantly I've become friends with some wonderful people through our characters, and as such I look forward to creating many more adventures for Quinn, Orchid, and co.! :heart:

I tag: No one in particular, anyone who feels like doing it really! :heart:

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Hey folks, how's everyone going? 

I'm doing okay, eyes are sore, thanks to hay fever, which is irritation, but eh, it's nothing new. 

Anyway, I have some kinda' crappy news, my computer is dying. ;_; 

It's started blue screening lately, honestly I think it's just aging, and is on it's way out, which is a pain, it's not quite dead yet, I reckon it's got a few months left in it, like, it'd better cuz' no way in hell can I afford a new one yet, so I'm gonna have to start saving for when it finally craps out. 

I literally only use it for fixing up and uploading art here, as well as typing longer messages, and journals like this, pretty much EVERYTHING else I do I use other devices for because it's so much more easier, that said I have been wanting to upgrade to a better computer for a while now, something that can run decent hardware, play more modern games, and such, for now though don't expect anything to change, it's still got a little bit of life in it. ^_^

By the way, I finally saw Star Wars: Rebels, I downloaded the series through iTunes, Man I love iTunes for music, but damn it, it's simultaneously the most convenient and inconvenient platform, am I the only person in the world that finds iTunes a pain??  

Anyway you don't wanna hear me bitch about iTunes, you wanna hear me bitch about Rebels! Right? XD

Well honestly, my bitching is rather minor, I marathoned the whole series yesterday, and I found it pretty good for the most part, certainly as a show aimed primarily at kids (And I do take that into consideration), honestly I'm looking forward to the next season, is it as good as Clone Wars? Can't say, honestly it's far too early to tell, if they keep on growing then I'm sure it will be just as good, and hell, they're picking up a fair few Clone Wars characters in the next season, so yeah, I'm optimistic. 

My favourite character in Rebels is Hera, my god, she's like friggin' space mom, and I adore that! :heart: I pretty much like the rest of the team all the same, like... Ezra started out a bit annoying for me, before his training started, and he complained a lot, also that freaking sling-shot thing on his arm, I hated that thing, such a useless gimmick for the kiddies (primary demographic mind you), but as the series progressed and he stepped up I enjoyed him a lot more, nice Lightsaber by the way, that stun-gun lightsaber combo. 

Most of my complaints are more like nitpicking than anything else, my main one is when they fly a Tie Fighter in open space without flight suits and helmets, because it's long been established that Tie Fighters have NO LIFE SUPPORT, they would be dead as soon as they left the hangar, but hey, who knows, did Disney rewrite the canon on Tie Fighter design? ^^; 

Though hey, if my worst gripe is some nerd rage nitpicking then honestly it's barely worth complaining about, y'know?

I also think that the last two episodes could've probably benefited from being combined into one double length episode, purely to help it flow better, but I get that they were working with a TV slot schedule, with DisneyXD and all.  

All in all, yeah, I enjoyed it. ^_^
Despite watching it on iTunes movie player which runs like crap on my computer... ^^; 

Anyhow, art wise, Star Wars stuff incoming as usual! Expect another page to 'Meeting Destiny' real soon, and some random other stuff too. ^_^

May the Force be with you! (Peace out!)
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  • Listening to: Miracle of Sound (aka Gavin Dunne)
  • Watching: Star Wars: Rebels
  • Playing: Bloodborne


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how have you been!!!???
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Ah, thank you very much, I really appreciate it! ;w;
I've been okay, up and down, but doing good at the moment. ^_^
It's perfectly okay, I understand, college can be really stressful, but I hope it's going well, and wish you all the best! :hug:
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