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Michael Stevens
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
Hi there folks', I'm Mike, but most folks know me as Midori, call me whatever!


About me?

I'm just yer' regular guy... Pfft--- Couldn't type that with a straight face...

I'm nearly blind, completely in my right eye and severely in my left, but my sexy glasses are a big help! I'm on the Autistic Spectrum, Aspergers Syndrome to be precise, I'm also Dyspraxic, and being tested for Bipolar, and an insomniac. I think that's everything wrong with me.

On the bright side I'm actually pretty cheerful most of the time, I'm quite shy, especially so at first, but I'm always hopeful to make new friends, so if you want to spark up a conversation, or just simply comment on my artwork, please, feel free, I love the chance to interact with people, and will try my very best to respond as soon as possible!

Why am I here?
I once got told that I'd never be able to draw because of my eyes, so I said, Hey, you want a bet? And that's what brought me here to DeviantArt, my home at (and occasionally away from) home!

What do I like?
In case you couldn't tell I love Manga and Anime, Especially cute Yuri fluff! :heart:
I love tons of music, from J-pop to Rock to Heavy Metal, and I worship Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters almost religiously...
I also LOVE stand-up comedy, especially British stand-up, my favourite comedians are Russell Howard, Dara O'Briain, and John Bishop.
I have MAAAAANY FANDOMS. Anime/manga wise, there are far too many to list...
None anime/manga, my main fandoms are: Doctor Who, Star Wars (Classic trilogy and Expanded Universe), Mass Effect, and Dead Space... It's all Sci-fi, huh.

My goal?
My long term goal is to publish some Manga comics, and maybe start up a small production company! Hopefully in a few years time I'll be good enough! ^w^

Other useless info.
I occasionally do crazy stuff to raise money for charity, mainly Marie Curie Cancer Care
Here is a video of me skydiving to raise money for them:…

I'm hopelessly androgynous...
I have a Glasses Fetish that borders on the unhealthy...

One song that always tugs at my heartstrings, and makes me weep like a schoolgirl is Supercell's Perfect Day...…

My ultimate guilty pleasure is The Darkness' I Believe in a thing called Love.... Don't judge, awesome glam is awesome...…

My anime Hero is Vash the Stampede from Trigun.

Also, I'm actually a smuggler from Corellia, so, like... Don''t ever tell me the odds, we Corellians hate that.

I guess that's really it...? Anyway, thank you for visiting my page, I really appreciate it, feel free to say hi and leave feedback, really, don't be shy!

Peace and Love!

Icon by the amazing maybelletea, her artwork is fantastic, check it out! :heart:
Webcam image was part of a Commission, it was drawn by the wonderful ram-jam, go show this awesome guy some love! :heart:
Hey folks, how're ya'll doing...? 

Before you read any further, this is gonna be one of those rant journals, please don't feel like you have to read it, I'd never want to force folks to listen to a rambling madman, and that's what this will probably be, it's more for me, venting the pressure so I don't burst, a controlled explosion rather than an actual explosion.

I'm having what can only be described as a bipolar day (overdue for another appointment with the specialist actually), it's like, I dunno, I'm happy for a little bit, and then one little thing happens and the depression takes hold, I've been up and down a fair bit these past few days, nothing extreme like, just treading the lines between smiley and sulky, but today. Today is a bad day.

For starters I didn't sleep last night, I never do though, so whatever, I wish there were more things on during the early hours, I was stuck with the news channel, and there are so many depressing stories... the Ebola fiasco, the ISIS crisis, those racist bastards at UKIP gaining more political relevance, those brave soldiers murdered on the street in Canada, and another horrific high school shooting in the States... There are so many horrible people and things in the world...

So during the day I decided to go for a walk though I only had about three hours because I had to get ready for a party later (more on that damned fiasco later), I literally haven't gone out this whole month, I've been looking after mum, and then caught the flu from my sis, now that I'm healthy again I just NEEDED to get out, I walked to town, from my house to the shopping center it's about three miles, and it cuts through Birkenhead Park, it's such a beautiful place, and I couldn't help but smile, though it was kind of lonely considering everyone else I passed seemed to have a partner, or friends, I hate single life, but overall by the time I got to town I was feeling a lot more positive.

I decided to check out the local game stores since I'm looking to save for a WiiU in the future (probably in the post-Christmas sales though), and just wanted to compare prices, I picked up some cheap anime DVDs from the pre-owned place, though on my way to another one of those Charity Workers who hands out leaflets tried to shove something in my hand, I stopped and politely said: "I'm sorry, but I'm in a hurry", and the guy said: "Oh don't be rude, show some charity"...

Good god, I have never been so pissed off at a random stranger in my life... I just walked away after that, but I was so offended... Firstly, I actually stopped and apologized, WHY the hell am I apologizing when YOU are the one rudely forcing something into my hand!? EVENYONE ELSE was just walking past blanking them, like they didn't exist, but I acknowledge him because I respect charity workers, and I'M the rude one!? Secondly don't tell me to be charitable because you have no idea what I do, folks who've known me for a long time, even here on DeviantArt, may remember my charity skydive that raised over £2000 for Cancer Care Charities? And the Zipline across the Liverpool Waterfront, and the four Abseils, altogether raising probably over £10,000 for those charities, don't you EVER try to tell me I'm not charitable, because I do my damnedest whenever I can to raise money for these wonderful organisations!
I'm sorry that was such a rant, but I was actually offended. 

So yeah, that put a massive downer on the day, and I pretty much headed straight home, the three mile walk just feeling grumpy...

Well, I stopped at my nan's, I sometimes do because she's the only member of my family that actually makes time for me when I'm down, though it really didn't help because she was talking about the party I was meant to go to tonight... I didn't want to go, I hate social gatherings because I have massive social anxiety, it's like a wall, and it's not something like I can force myself to go, I physically cannot move when I'm this anxious... But nan was really excited because they'd gotten it into their heads a while ago that I was going, and seeing them so excited it was too hard to say no, I really felt like I could force myself for their sake, and hearing her talk about it (as well as lend me some of my Granddad's dressy shoes) just made me really depressed, I spent the whole afternoon arguing with myself about if I'd be able to go or not, and my anxiety just kept building... It also pissed me off when she said: I'm so happy you're going because your uncle is betting that you wont go. I fucking hate that man, he's always made a joke out of my disabilities, and doesn't have a damn clue what he's talking about, and how much what he said actually hurts. 

Anyway when I got home, I talked to a friend I know offline, he's a buddy I've known since I was about three years old, we just talked about stupid crap like internet videos and junk, but it cheered me up, little things are important.

Then came the time to get ready... And I just froze up. I couldn't physically move myself to get in the suit... And when I said I couldn't go, the first thing I heard was my bloody step dad saying that line: 

I knew he wouldn't go.

I'm sorry, but I cannot put into words just how much it hurts to hear that line, from anyone, because it not only feels like I'm a person defined by their anxiety, but also that others derive some twisted satisfaction from knowing it, like they're right and that's great, there's always a smugness that comes from it, and it makes me feel so pathetic and insignificant....

So naturally there was a massive argument, and they've all gone to to party, they'll be out til' like 2AM, so hopefully when they get home they'll be too drunk to care, well, mum can't drink with her Chemo, but whatever...
I'm tired of this anxiety, and I'm tired of it making me feel guilty, like it's my fault, because I know it's not, but it just feels like it, like if I could just force it, but it's not possible... I just want to lie down and scream obscenities into a pillow, an hell, since I'm home alone for the next 6+ hours I may as well, it's not like I can get more pathetic, right?

The worst part is that, now that I haven't gone, there's a tiny part of my brain saying I knew you wouldn't go... And it just makes me hate myself so damn much...


I really hate writing journals like this, but I have no where else to vent (besides Facebook, but my family is on there so screw that...), I'll likely replace this journal as soon as possible...

Anyway, hope ya'll are doing better, peace and love to everybody. 
  • Mood: Pissed Off
Hey folks, how're ya'll doing? :meow:

I'm starting to get better, still ill, but the worst is definitely behind me, so that's good, I've been working on some art whilst in bed, so expect stuff soon. ^_^

Though now for the big news... SNOWBALL IS HOME SAFE AND SOUND!!!

It was a massively stressful week without her, and so lonely without the sound of the bell on her collar jingling at all hours of the night, so happy she's home! What happened was that she was trapped in a neighbor's garage for five days, he doesn't use it to store his car so he hardly opens it, but yesterday afternoon it was open and whilst I was just sitting in my bedroom window I saw her creep out, so I rushed out and grabbed her, and now she's back home, safe and sound! 

Image by MidoriNoHonoo

Here she is, sleeping off her first meal in five days, agh, my baby, she's so adorable... :heart:
Anyway yeah, all's well that ends well, and thank you all for the kind messages! ^_^

Lastly, DeviantArt updated their layout a fair bit, huh... I... Can't say I like it that much, it's kinda clunky, especially the frontpage, though I'm usually just browsing groups so I can live with it, my major irritant is the top bar, the layout is just... Well, wrong, priority wise I mean, I dislike that the message center has been shoved off into the right corner for a number of reasons, firstly, I believe it's the most important feature for an artist, as it's where we go to get vital feedback, I much prefer it when it was in the center of the bar, taking priority over what is now wasted space... Also, I am completely blind in my right eye, and though it's a really minor inconvenience, it's an inconvenience none the less, at least, it's less favorable than it's predecessor... But eh, I'll not make a mountain out of a mole hill, I can adapt. ^^;

Anyhow, that's that, hope ya'll are doing well, peace n' love. :heart:
  • Mood: Cheerful
Hey folks, hope everyone is doing well.

Me well, I'm still ill, turns out I probably have the Flu, that's what the Doc said since I've been so sick... Funny story though, just this morning I got a letter from the local Surgery, it said that there's been a rise of Flu cases in our local area, and that given my medical history they think I'm at high risk of catching it, and that they wanted to invite me to get a vaccination... Eheheh, arrived a week too late, I couldn't help but chuckle at the ironic timing, thanks life... XD 

So yeah, I'm still ill, but I've got better medicine at least, hopefully I'll be on the up and up soon, fingers crossed. 

In other news Snowball, our kitty, is missing... 

She's been gone for two days now... We're quite worried because she doesn't usually wander too far off from home, and never stays out all night, we're concerned that she was spooked by fireworks, as some folks have been letting them off over the last week for who knows what reason... Ugh... I dunno, I mean, cat's are smart, but she has her routine, and anytime she deviates from it, well, she doesn't, she sticks to it, so the fact that she's not come home is a big worry... We've contacted the RSPCA and the local vets, so they've logged her as missing, and she has a collar with our address and contact details, and a microchip in her neck, so I don't know what we more we can do... Ugh, waiting is unbearable though... 

Here's a pic of her, she's our plush little Snowball.
Image by MidoriNoHonoo

I really miss her.

Hopefully I'll have some better news the next journal, peace and love everyone. 
  • Mood: Lonely

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