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When life throws you lemons, what do you do about it? 

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Michael Stevens
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
Hi there folks', I'm Mike, but most folks know me as Midori, call me whatever!


About me?

I'm just yer' regular guy... Pfft--- Couldn't type that with a straight face...

I'm nearly blind, completely in my right eye and severely in my left, but my sexy glasses are a big help! I'm on the Autistic Spectrum, Aspergers Syndrome to be precise, I'm also Dyspraxic, and being tested for Bipolar, and an insomniac. I think that's everything wrong with me.

On the bright side I'm actually pretty cheerful most of the time, I'm quite shy, especially so at first, but I'm always hopeful to make new friends, so if you want to spark up a conversation, or just simply comment on my artwork, please, feel free, I love the chance to interact with people, and will try my very best to respond as soon as possible!

Why am I here?
I once got told that I'd never be able to draw because of my eyes, so I said, Hey, you want a bet? And that's what brought me here to DeviantArt, my home at (and occasionally away from) home!

What do I like?
In case you couldn't tell I love Manga and Anime, Especially cute Yuri fluff! :heart:
I love tons of music, from J-pop to Rock to Heavy Metal, and I worship Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters almost religiously...
I also LOVE stand-up comedy, especially British stand-up, my favourite comedians are Russell Howard, Dara O'Briain, and John Bishop.
I have MAAAAANY FANDOMS. Anime/manga wise, there are far too many to list...
None anime/manga, my main fandoms are: Doctor Who, Star Wars (Classic trilogy and Expanded Universe), Mass Effect, and Dead Space... It's all Sci-fi, huh.

My goal?
My long term goal is to publish some Manga comics, and maybe start up a small production company! Hopefully in a few years time I'll be good enough! ^w^

Other useless info.
I occasionally do crazy stuff to raise money for charity, mainly Marie Curie Cancer Care
Here is a video of me skydiving to raise money for them:…

I'm hopelessly androgynous...
I have a Glasses Fetish that borders on the unhealthy...

One song that always tugs at my heartstrings, and makes me weep like a schoolgirl is Supercell's Perfect Day...…

My ultimate guilty pleasure is The Darkness' I Believe in a thing called Love.... Don't judge, awesome glam is awesome...…

My anime Hero is Vash the Stampede from Trigun.

Also, I'm actually a smuggler from Corellia, so, like... Don''t ever tell me the odds, we Corellians hate that.

I guess that's really it...? Anyway, thank you for visiting my page, I really appreciate it, feel free to say hi and leave feedback, really, don't be shy!

Peace and Love!

P.S.! Webcam image was part of a Commission, it was drawn by the wonderful ram-jam, go show this awesome guy some love! :heart:
Eheheh, wow, my titles are like Darth Vader's deals, they get worse all the time... Jeez, did I really just say that? 
Ah-- Hey folks! How are you all doing? 

Me, well, it's up and down, day to day, and yet, at the end of it, I always end up smiling because there's always someone kind out there who'll say or do something that just lifts my spirit...

Life Update
*This is largely unrelated to art (though it's kinda' why I'm not as productive right now ^^; ) so feel free to skip down.

As a lot of you know, and I'm sure you're tired of hearing (I just want to provide context for the newer Watchers), my mother is currently going through Chemotherapy for breast cancer (by the way, I'll say this now - if you ever feel anything unusual, anywhere, or even if not and just want to be safe, get yourself checked, it could save your life), she had her second Chemotherapy dose about a week ago, and as with the first it took a massive toll on her immune system and she's been referred back into the Hospital for care, she'll have to have more blood transfusions, but... I have a virus right now, and both she and the nurses have told me I'm not allowed to visit her whilst I have it because her immune system will not be able to fight it if she catches it, it's really got me down because I don't know how long she'll be in for, nor how long I'll have this stupid virus, a couple days, a week, ugh... I just want to see her, y'know? And then I have other members of the family saying I should go, making me feel guilty, despite being told not to by mum and medical staff, it's really stressful, and very infuriating, especially when they shout at me, what can I do, y'know? And they're total hypocrites cuz' they don't go... 

But as I said, there are always wonderful people out there who go the extra mile to make others smile.

I've had wonderful support from my friends over the past few months, friends like AndyStarfish, ram-jam, maybelletea to name but a few... 

Commission Feature
*Every piece of art I commission will get a journal feature, as I wish to share the wonderful artwork with my Watchers, and promote the artist who produced it, to me DeviantArt is a community, and I wish to contribute to that spirit!

Not once, but twice again I commissioned the wonderful maybelletea to draw my OCs, and twice again she has astounded me with her beautiful work!

First off we have a beautiful sketchpage of my Winter/Christmas themed Yuri/Shoujo-ai couple Mistletoe and Holly!

 PC.midorinohonoo 2 by maybelletea

These two have been really well received especially by the more yuri-centric of my audience, I'm really happy with that, and with Tori having a love for all things Winter and Christmas related I felt I just had to ask her to draw them, I gave her free reign to sketch whatever she liked, and the results are absolutely wonderful! She's really captured the essence of both characters, it warms my heart to see someone draw my characters with such love and care.

The second drawing is of a couple of my Star Wars OCs: the Corellian Jedi Quinn Shara, and her adopted Chiss daughter Orchid Shara!

PC.midorinohonoo 3 by maybelletea

I'll be honest, I want Tori to draw ALL my OCs, her style is absolutely gorgeous, it carries so much emotional significance with each and every line, the expressions both heartwarming and heartbreaking...
For context, this is right before the Battle of Hoth, Orchid is being evacuated whilst Quinn prepares to stay and fight, Orchid doesn't want to be separated from Quinn, but Quinn reassures her that she'll be fine... 
Tori captured the moment absolutely so perfectly, I can't really express it in words.
In my head, when I first thought up this moment I had a particular piece of music in mind, from The Empire Strikes Back soundtrack:

It's the very first 38 seconds, this wonderful commission mirrors that short piece of music perfectly, and I couldn't be happier. 

Thank you so very much Tori, I look forward to commissioning you again!

Special Thank You

Another thing that really made me smile today was a wonderful surprise by SlingBlade87, who featured me in a journal, honestly, I was quite overwhelmed that anyone would be so kind, I'm not the best artist, not by a long shot, my style is pretty simple, and I'm still developing, I'm a long way from where I want to be, and there are literally thousands of people more deserving of praise, but seeing such support means the world, it strengthens my resolve to evolve as an artist, and endeavor to be the very best I can be. 

Thank you once again.

The Near Future

So, what of the future, you ask? Well... I got a lot of new markers! 
Image by MidoriNoHonoo

They set me back a fair bit, and I could only really afford the ones I desperately needed, like skin tones, and colours I use more frequently, but this should tide me over a fair while. ^_^

Art wise, I'll be drawing some more Star Wars OC/AU stuff, I'm just now finishing art with Kiri and Orchid, and I also plan to do a small comic featuring Quinn during the Battle of Hoth, I want Hoth to be one of the defining points in her life, as she not only felt the desperation of fighting an unwinnable battle, but also witnessed the death of a close friend right before her eyes... 

Outside of Star Wars, since Winter is steadily approaching I want to start drawing Mistletoe and Holly, also I kinda' want some yuri in my life right about now, so... XD 

Besides that I haven't got any plans per se, but I generally don't plan things, stuff just happens, y'know? I do want to draw more Camellia and Nier in the near future though!


I'll be holding a Q&A soon, so hopefully people will have questions, I'll probably post another journal next week or something for folks to post their questions on. :meow:

Besides that I'll be steadily answering all the messages I have, it could take time, as I have hundreds. ^^;

Outside of art, I got Destiny, I'm having fun with it, and might stream it in the near future maybe, who knows! 

Anyway... That's that really, hope ya'll have a nice day/night!

Peace n' Love! ~:heart:
  • Mood: dA Love
  • Listening to: The Empire Strikes Back OST
  • Reading: Lost At Sea - Bryan Lee O'Malley
  • Watching: The Empire Strikes Back
  • Playing: Destiny
  • Eating: Fruit - I've started eating really healthy lately.

Feature Tag

1. For each of the 20 first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and the 5 deviations I like most from their gallery on the list! 

2. If you're featured, you have to do the same in your journal, putting me as the first place. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone, so don't be shy, comment and we'll share our art with the world! ~:heart:

Please go check these people out!

1. maybelletea
( :iconmaybelletea: )

C: Midorinohonoo by maybelletea
PC.midorinohonoo 2 by maybelletea  Flight by maybelletea  Noelle Animation 2 by maybelletea  First Meeting by maybelletea

2. bbraeforeve
( :iconbbraeforeve: )

Wraith by bbraeforeve
Angel Girl Sheila by bbraeforeve  Best friends by bbraeforeve  Pride by bbraeforeve  Lust by bbraeforeve

3. Lonsterr
( :iconlonsterr: )

Guardian by Lonsterr
Rare and Radiant by Lonsterr  Sami by Lonsterr  The Power of Music by Lonsterr  Noelle by Lonsterr
  • Mood: dA Love
The Vacation.

Hey folks! 
MidoriNoHonoo here, and I'm back from Blackpool! Actually... I got back on Friday, but I've been recovering from the exhaustion of the trip... It was great, don't get me wrong, but it was very stressful, and I barely slept at all because the guys I was sharing my room with SNORED LIKE HELL. Special thanks to Tori for helping stave off boredom during the unsocial hours...

Anyway, what happened? Well as a lot of you know my mum got admitted to hospital and had to stay in the whole week, missing the entire vacation... She caught a virus, and since she's going through Chemotherapy her immune system couldn't produce the blood cells needed to fight it, so she had to have some blood transfusions. She's doing better now, still weak, but kicking none the less. 
Mom (1) by MidoriNoHonoo
Her hairs gone now, but she wanted to take a picture to give courage to others in the same position. 

Anyway yeah, I'm back, and ready to get back to art, and speaking of art...

Commission Shout Out! 

I commissioned maybelletea again!
I wanted her to make another beautiful painting of my babies Camellia and Nier, and my goodness they look amazing! :heart:

 C: Midorinohonoo by maybelletea

Agh, just look at them, they're so beautiful together! I wanted for this commission to show how they support each other with their love, especially how Nier supports Camellia when Camellia's really ill, and I'm so very pleased, Tori's art style, attention to detail, and mastery of watercolours are perfect for capturing these really emotionally powerful and loving moments. 
Once again, a fantastic piece of artwork from maybelletea, who I look forward to commissioning again in the future.
( :iconmaybelletea:

Passing Milestones.

And hey! Over the past few days I passed the 20'000 pageview milestone, and 250 watcher milestone!!!
(Almost simultaneously! XD ) 

To celebrate I'd like to maybe do a Q&A Journal (possibly my next journal), where folks can ask me questions and I'll answer them in a video, let me know if that sounds interesting! (but save your questions for next time! XD)
Personally I like the idea of that because I want to be the kind of artist who has that kind of direct interaction with my watchers and fellow artists. ^_^


Lastly, my sister nominated me to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, to raise awareness for ALS / MND (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis / Moror neurone disease), and also raise money for research charities, so if you want to see me get soaked with ice for a good cause please give the video below a look, as well as doing the challenge I'll also be donating money to both the Motor Neurone Disease Association, and also to McMillan Cancer Support, who's support I've witnessed firsthand with my mum's care. 

I know a lot of folks are getting a little tired of seeing the Ice Bucket Challenge, but please remember that it is to raise awareness for a very good cause, and continue to spread the charitable spirit. :heart: 

And Lastly...

...That's that, peace and love ya'll! :heart:
  • Mood: dA Love
  • Listening to: Foo Fighters
  • Reading: Seconds - Bryan Lee O'Malley
  • Watching: The Simpsons

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